Queen Jewry

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Rebekah carried a seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that was blessed by Prophet Melchizedek. The Mother Queen begins to carry a thought and through the seeds being carried through Sarah, Rebekah and Rachel came forth a young Empress ready and willing to do the will of the Great I AM.

Shining as a Crystal in the earth waiting to be plucked up by someone that would appreciate this rare gem God had produced, she began her nurturing from up under the rocks of the Coptic Nation Temple. Serving under the leadership of a great Prince in the land; the one that would not bow, the Royal Priest, the Prophet Meshach. Queen Rachel began to chip at the rocks that surrounded this gem that God placed in her hands.

Queen Rachel began to see that God had given her a Crystal which was fairest among thousands but altogether lovely and began to be polished up and care for this gem because she knew that God had need of her.

Prophet Meshach and the Candace Queen Rachel saw that it was time to let go of the Crystal that God had placed with them for safe keeping. Seeing that it was going to be in good hands, they polished the gem one last time and from Crystal came the land of Jewry. On November 17, 2002 Prophet Meshach released the Crystal and sent her forth as Queen Jewry (Daniel 5). On November 23, 2002 the King was given his Crystal to have and to hold until death does them part. Queen Jewry began to shine her light in New Heaven Coptic Temple on November 24, 2002 marching side by side with the Prophet King Hiram. Answering the vision that God had gave her, by doing the work as one of God’s virtuous women, healing, teaching and prophesying. In Jewry you will find the jewel that the Master Teacher, Dr. Mother Rebekah has delivered until our King; one of God’s rarest Crystals.

Through Rebekah having a connection to Rachel brought forth the city of Jewry. The Mother of Two Nations brought forth two Kings (Peter/Hiram) and two Queens (Capernaum/Jewry) that represented two cities sitting on a hill that cannot be hidden, two stars shining in the East, Fairest among Thousands All Together Lovely.

Queen Jewry