Bethel’s Notes


Wow!!!!! Everyone should’ve been in the house today to receive such a word!!! Today was truly a day of healing!!… Message of the Day!!! Received yet another powerful word from our great First Lady, Candace Queen Rachel!! “What Do You Do When Your Back is Against the Wall and the Odds are Against You”. Queen referenced from the book of Joshua 11:1 and 6. Many times, several offenses (things) will happen in your life all at once. Today I tell you, be not afraid for tomorrow about this time, things will get better. Joy will certainly come in the morning. Know that with God, ALL things are possible and everything will work out. Do you know that there is nothing too hard for God!! God said, show me your faith, and I’ll show you my work. So when you feel you’re at the end of your rope, just reach beyond the break, and hold on. Know that while holding on, in a twinkling of an eye, God will change your entire situation for the better. Whatever you’re dealing with right now, take it to God in prayer. Pray without ceasing and always, always trust God!!!



Message of the Day!!! What a great day of worship!!! Received yet another powerful, encouraging word from our great Leader, Royal Priest Meshach….”Broken, but not Finished”.Today is also our 20th Year Anniversary!!!! Praise the great I Am God!! Priest referenced from Jeremiah 18:1-12. We must always remember that no matter what we are dealing with in life, God is there and He is in control!! Whatever happens to you in life, good or bad, know that God did it or is doing it right now. Stop worshiping the devil!! When you say, the devil is sho’ nuff busy, you’re lifting up and giving the devil praise and power. Whatever is going on continue telling yourself…..  God did it!! Most things that happen in our lives are caused by us or by our thinking. Even if you’re feeling broken or defeated right now, just know that you’re not finished. Think of yourself as if you’re a priceless vase that has been broken into a million pieces. God has the power to take every broken piece, pick you up, and put every part of you back together again in the right place, and your vase(you) will be able to hold water and never leak again. We are a blessed people!!!


Message of the Day!!! Received yet another encouraging word from our great Leader, Royal Priest Meshach……”You are Holy!!” Priest referenced from several books today – Exodus 3:5 and 27:29, Leviticus 11:44, Psalms 99:9, and Peter 1:12. Priest let us know that everything that God made was good and very good. Only we point out and see the good, bad, and ugly in our own selves. God said that we are Holy people!!!! Wherever you are, God is there. So wherever you stand, it is holy ground. Often times, we get caught up in thinking that the THINGS that we do makes us unholy. It’s not the things that we do, it’s our thoughts that are unholy. Think about it this way….if you take a stick of gold and stick it in a pile of poop, then remove it from the poop, and clean it off….is it not still a stick of gold??? Of course it is!!! The same goes for us when we do something and then we think in our own mind that we can’t be forgiven and start all over again. Of course you can!! You are still a holy people!!! Start by cleaning up your thoughts, clean up yourself, and accept in your own mind what God said…You are holy!!! Nothing or no one can take you out of your holiness, but you. Be ye holy; for I am holy!!!



Message of the Day!!! Today’s service was absolutely awesome….the Day of Pentecost!!! Our great Leader, Royal Priest Meshach spoke/taught soooo well!!! He taught from John 17:21 and 1st Corinthians 3:16…..”One Within”. Do you know that the spirit of God dwells WITHIN you??? God is not sitting in a chair up in heaven or in the clouds. God lives on the inside of you!!! The One within. Know ye not that YOU are the true temple of God. There is no temple/church/synagogue, etc. that is greater than you! You are the “temple” God is looking for. Also, know that your body is holy. When you defile your body, you’re defiling your temple. Understand that God lives in everyone. God even lives in the alcoholic, the drug abuser, the gang banger, etc. They just may not know or realize that God is there, but yes……God is there! However, as long as we stay “outside” of the One(God) that lives on the inside of us, we can’t know or feel God within us. From the beginning of life, the breath of God was there. Know this….greater is He that is within me, than he that is in the world. Amen!!!!


My God!!! Today’s message of the day was awesome!!! “The Keys to (My) Kingdom”. Our great Leader, Royal Priest Meshach, taught/referenced from Matthew 16:17-19, Luke 17:20-21, and Hebrews 11:1-5. God has given unto YOU the keys to the kingdom of heaven. The keys to the kingdom are not in a faraway place, but they are within you! By faith, you activate that kingdom that is within you. Know that faith is the word in action. You will not know everything or even have the answer to every question, but again, FAITH is the word in action, and therefore it keeps you moving and in motion. You keep moving, even when you don’t know what to do. Just know that God’s got your back and you need to keep your eyes on God at all times and in every situation. And just when you think you’re about to drown (after starting a new business, new relationship issues, financial decisions, making life decisions, etc.), by faith, God will reach down and pick you back up again. You might even take in a little water, but God won’t let you drown! You already have the keys within you. Now activate them through faith!!! Thank you Black Jesus!!!!!!


Copts….In our New Heaven Passover season always remember these key points shared by our great Leader Royal Priest Meshach:- Store up while there is plenty.- Centralize, reboot, and refocus your own mind.- God is your source; not your job.- When your conscious changes, that’s when you’ll experience your real new heaven.
In this season, be certain to marry the right bridegroom and stop having affairs with doubt and fear.
Know that, I Am that I Am God will be with you always, and always will be our God.
Manifestation is a part of the new heaven. Whatever you need is tangible(reachable), and you can reach it and achieve it.
If you have access to Google, but you never activate it, what good will it do to help you??? The same can be said about the Holy Spirit. Right now….activate your Holy Ghost….it will help you!!!
Lastly, in this New Heaven season, come into possession, ownership, legacy, inheritance, and abundance. It’s your birthright!!! God bless and stay strong!!!


The message of the Day!!! Received yet another powerful word from God today from our great Leader, Royal Priest Meshach!! “I See A New Heaven and A New Earth” – Revelations 21:1-5. Priest asked the question….what do you see??? In this New Heaven season, we should see the new things that God said shall be. “Manifestation” is a part of this new heaven season. Whatever you need is tangible. You can reach it and you can achieve it. This change/newness begins in your own mind. When your conscious change, that is when you can experience your new heaven. Also please know this…..when you make a change, everybody won’t change with you. You must make up your mind to marry the right “bridegroom”. Stop having an affair with fear, and get engaged to faith! New Heaven thinking will make ALL things new in your life when you see things through the eyesight of God. Then you too can say…..I see everything new. New mindset, new blessings, new determination, new beginnings, new financial wisdom, new prosperity!!! Now ask yourself, in this New Heaven season……….what do YOU see?????

Bethel’s Notes