Four Ways You’re Throwing Money Away

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1. Not buying refurbished electronics. Free yourself of the notion that refurbished electronics are rejects or failures. Any returned item gets labeled as refurbished. So, look into a good deal on perhaps a new-to-you iPhone or laptop.

2. Buying gift cards in store. You don’t know what to get your friend, but you know where they like to shop. Get your cards at where you can purchase unwanted gift cards for over 50% off.

3. Not unplugging unused appliances. If you are leaving small appliances eternally plugged in (coffee maker, toaster), you’re wasting energy. Make efforts to unplug appliances you’re not using to lower your electric bill.

4. Overpaying for gas. Check out GasBuddy, the app that finds the lowest gas prices in your area and avoid the BlackTax.

Think and do activities that demonstrate your freedom.

This has been our money kingdom financial perspective.

May I AM THAT I AM GOD prosper you.


Four Ways You’re Throwing Money Away