Self-Directed IRA

A Self-Directed IRA is technically not any different than other IRAs (or 401ks). Self-directed IRAs have been around for years, but they’ve been gaining popularity recently among do-it-yourself investors looking to expand beyond stocks, bonds and mutual funds.  A self-directed IRA is not for the passive investor. You must be involved. Self-directed accounts put more

What is Financial Freedom?

Most individuals are instructed to get an education and then a job.  Then, after landing a solid job, the recommendation is to save a percentage of each paycheck for the next 40+ years until retirement.  This linear path from school until death, means spending the majority of each day at work, climbing a ladder, to

Queen Jewry

Rebekah carried a seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that was blessed by Prophet Melchizedek. The Mother Queen begins to carry a thought and through the seeds being carried through Sarah, Rebekah and Rachel came forth a young Empress ready and willing to do the will of the Great I AM. Shining as a Crystal

Rental Properties

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Individual & Relationship

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Good & Evil

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Inner Peace